Okay, well. I guess we know the answer to that. The better question might be, ‘Why does drinking too much cause a hangover?’
A while ago we came across an article about a study that claims drinking beer will make you smarter …
While we’re all for believing that’s true, a new book, Proof: The Science of Booze by Adam Rogers, can help you get smarter about drinking beer (and booze in general).
Think a hangover is solely the result of dehydration, blood sugar levels or bad mixing? Well, think again. We’re stunned, but Rogers says researchers to are just beginning to seriously study hangovers and have only recently come up with a system for measuring their severity (please no Level 9s in the near future).
Suffice to say, Proof has officially been added to our “Books to read” list.
Learn more about the book here. Or, if you’ve got some time (it’s about an hour long), watch Roger’s video presentation.