Thru The Cooking Glass

Two Teaspoons and a Microphone. Cooking with booze and writing about it .


There’s just something exciting about cooking with booze. It’s an intriguing ingredient that adds a thrill to ordinary pie and a spark to supper. In fact, tell your friends and family their dessert or entree is spiked  and I bet you get a smile.

So, all the recipes you find here have at least one spirited ingredient. Mainly because it’s fun, but also in the name of research for my novel, Two Teaspoons and a Microphone.

The main character, Regan Stinson, hopes to help her father rebuild his flailing restaurant, in part, by implementing Sip-N-Sizzle, a special menu that features — you guessed it – plates with a bar-inspired twist. How could I write about dishes that I haven’t at least created and sampled first — right?

So I hope you enjoy these recipes as well as an excerpt from the book. Check back soon  and share your thoughts. Here’s to spirited cooking!