Cooking with Beer …

Left Hand Milk Stout Mushroom Ragu

Today is International Stout Day, so why not celebrate in your kitchen with a new boozipe:

What you’ll need:

Left Hand Milk Stout| Mushroom Stour Ragu|Thruthecookingglass.com4 Turkey sausage patties
2 Tablespoons Olive oil
8 oz. gourmet blend of mushrooms (baby bella, shitake and oyster)
8 oz baby bella sliced mushrooms
¼ Cup yellow onion, diced
1/6 Cup your favorite stout. I used Left Hand Milk Stout (yum)
¼ Cup Heavy Cream (I used fat free Half & Half)
1 garlic clove
½ Cup Fontina Cheese, shredded
1/6 Cup Parmesan Cheese, shredded
1 Tablespoon butter
1/3 teaspoon white pepper
½ teaspoon dried basil
Your favorite thick bread, crostini, Focaccia, flat bread or pita (I made good use of French rolls we had in the pantry)

How to do it:

  1. Heat 1 Tablespoon of the oil in a large skillet at medium heat. Cook sausage until brown on both sides.
  2. Remove sausage from pan.
  3. Place pan back on the burner, add ¼ cup of onions, garlic clove and sauté until onions are translucent and garlic starts to brown, two to three minutes.
  4. Increase the heat to medium-high. Add in enough mushrooms to cover the pan. Two cups may look like a lot, but they shrink down significantly. Add in more mushrooms as they reduce in size, making more room in the pan. About 8 – 10 minutes. While mushrooms are browning, dice the sausage patties.Cooking with Beer| Mushroom Stout Ragu, Left Hand Milk Stout, Thrthecookingglass.comLeft Hand Milk Stout| Mushroom Stout Ragu at
  5. Remove the pan from heat to drain the liquid that has accumulated.
  6. Return the pan to heat and add in the diced sausage, 1/6 c of Milk Stout., 1/3 teaspoon white pepper and basil.
  7. Stop, take a sip from the beer that remains in the bottle.
  8. Add 1 Tablespoon butter and simmer, stirring occasionally, until the stout has reduced to the point that it appears there is only about two tablespoons left, about five minutes.
  9. Stir in cream.
  10. Remove the pan from the burner.
  11. Stir in both cheeses.
  12. Serve immediately atop your bread of choice and enjoy. We chose to do so with tomato basil soup a Caesar salad and, of course, a frosty pint of Left Hand Milk Stout

Recipe adapted from the Wiltbank Farm Mushroom Ragu recipe found in Laura Pensiero’s Hudson Valley Mediterranean