Cheers to Fall Flavors: Here Comes Pumpkin Beer

If you’re like me, those of you who love fall flavors are on pins and needles, waiting with anticipation for the culinary change of seasons. Bring on the gingerbread lattes, candy corn cupcakes and … pumpkin beer. Well have no fear. Earlier this week, Alaska Brewing Co. announced the release of it’s Pumpkin Porter.Alaskan Brew Pumpkin Porter details from
What makes this news extra exciting is the brew’s change in status. Last year the brewery created the Pumpkin Porter on a pilot basis.
According to the release, the “response (to the pilot brew) was so strong that a seasonal slot was a natural next step.”
The Pumpkin Porter (oh please let some be magically distributed to at least one Central Florida liquor store) features alder wood-smoked malt in the brew, which according to the brewers, combats the over-sweet taste some pumpkin flavored foods tend to carry.  
In addition to bearing good news, the release also came with two interesting factoids. It claims that:
  1. “The long daylight hours in the summer makes Alaska home to some of the world’s largest pumpkins.”
  2. “Pumpkins were first used in beer in colonial America as a substitute for hard-to-find malt, and none other than the father of our country George Washington had a highly touted recipe.”